Sep 23, 2017 04 45 PM EDT
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Muslims in the Age of Trump: Issues of Post-Modernity

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Muslims in the Age of Trump: Issues of Post-Modernity

Featuring Dr. Khalid Blankinship, Imam Dawud Walid, Dr. Zara Khan, and Ustadh Abu Sakina Giovanni. This seminar will take a critical look at issues that are affecting Muslims in America during this Presidency of Donald Trump. Topics covered in this seminar includes:
-The ‘Muslim Ban’ and the immigration policies of the Trump administration
-The stunning rise of the neo-Nazis and the alt-right and the attacks on Masajids and Muslims across the country.
-Liberalism and controversial Muslim alliances and support for issues like abortion and homosexuality
-Democracy and the Post-Modern concepts of ‘Freedom’ and how it relates to our Islamic intellectual heritage.
-‘Deep State’ and the modern news media and how Muslims are presented in the mainstream news media
-And so much more….
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